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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My First Try At A Book Review

The most recent book I finished is Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann.

In the beginning of Cryer's Cross I was confused and not sure I liked it. When I started it I didn't really have any idea what it was about but I liked another series of Lisa McMann's so I assumed it would be good. Sure the story was basic and easy to follow but the stuff in between chapters had me totally lost. I remember getting a message on Facebook and I replied to it that I was on page 66 and had no idea what was going on. Shortly after that message was sent a bomb could have gone off in my kitchen and I wouldn't have noticed. Once I started to guess what those in between messages were talking about, the story got really good. I love books where you can guess some of the elements but there are other connecting pieces that you don't realize until the characters do. Between trying to figure out what was going on and waiting for Kendall to figure out Jacian was a good guy I was totally hooked until the last page. Another thing I really liked about Cryer's Cross was the OCD aspect of Kendall. It was nice to get an idea of how a person with OCD actually feels about their habits.

Overall an excellent read and I'd definitely recommend it.

A Bit About Me

I figure before I start trying to post book reviews (we'll see how that goes) I should introduce myself. I am 23 years old, 24 in August. I married my husband in June 2006. Our first child, Holly, was born in April 2007 and our second, Aiden, in November 2008. I've held a few part time jobs here and there but have basically been a stay at home mom for four years.

I loved to read in high school and spent any free periods I had in the library. After high school though I did two semesters of college, one living in the dorms and one commuting the two hours (an hour there, an hour home). I love college, I like to learn new things. I don't like tests, well they are okay, but I hate papers, group projects, and public speaking of any kind. While I liked going to school I had no idea what I wanted from a college education. Starting a family seemed like the way to go to me.

During my crazy years after high school I never read. I played The Sims, I had a part time job, and then I got into playing World of Warcraft. I became hooked on WoW and finally quit playing because I knew I was playing it way to much. Sometime in my withdrawal from WoW period I was walking through a store and the cover of a book caught my attention. So I bought it and read it even though I had no idea what it was about. It was Eclipse my Stephenie Meyer ironically.

Since Eclipse I've been a book addict again. I've learned to balance my chores around the house, caring for my kids, reading, and even World of Warcraft occasionally. But my nearest and dearest hobby always has been reading. I will read just about anything I get the chance to read. I prefer fiction stories though. I do read adult genre books but overall I find young adult to be my favorite.

My absolute favorite authors are: Cassandra Clare, Richelle Mead, Claudia Gray, Rachel Vincent, Melissa Marr, Jenna Black, Charlaine Harris, Lesley Livingston, Bree Despain, Melissa de la Cruz, Megan McCafferty, Meg Cabot,
You know what, rather than typing authors names for 3 hours I'll just say you can find me on :)

I absolutely love books and reading and I'm hoping that I'll be able to connect with other people who share that. I have an awful habit of rambling on so if my posts are long winded and make no sense I apologize but please feel free to leave me a comment telling me to shut up :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a new beginning

I just deleted all my old posts. There were probably some that I'll miss but there was also a lot of drama from years ago that I'm totally over and I feel doesn't need to be brought up again. I think that maybe I'll try to start posting reviews of the books I read. On public sites I am really careful about not posting spoilers but here on MY blog I can write whatever I want because its MY space and people will be choosing to come look at it :)